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Whether your seeking camera repair, a new memory card, a replacement lens, or to print your favorite travel photos, here is a city-wide list of resources in Buenos Aires to help meet your needs.

Please Note: Due to government-imposed import restrictions in Argentina placed on all foreign technology, camera equipment and accessories in Buenos Aires are costly and difficult to find. Expect to pay at least triple of what you might find online or in your home country and understand that service and repair times may not be convenient for a visitor to the city who is only here for a couple days.

Buenos Aires Camera Shops & Repair

Tienda C41
Location: Vidt 1611, Palermo Viejo
Description: Tienda C41 Specializes in Toy and Lomo Cameras. Whether you’ve been a long-time film photographer, you want to try something different in the photography realm, or you’re a photo-hipster who’s all-analogue all-the-time, C41 is worth a look. It’s photo-fashion at its best and one-of-a-kind in Buenos Aires.
Website: http://tienda.c41.com.ar/

LAM Service
Location: Suipacha 190 – P2 Office 205, Micro-Centro
Description: This small, technology-centered office specializes in Camera Repairs for Canon, Samsung, and Olympus. It you have a cracked lens, if your sensor is covered in dust, or even need a new battery, this is the place to visit. We would suggest calling ahead for schedules and inquiries so you know ahead of time whether they can be of assistance to you.
Website: http://www.lamservice.com.ar

P&H Photo
Location: Libertad 484, Recoleta
Description: P & H offers both new and used Camera equipment to its clients. The new equipment might not be the latest and the greatest at the price you’re looking for, but in a pinch they’re a reliable source for both lenses and camera bodies.
Website: http://www.pyh.com.ar

Cosentino Store
Location: Av. Pte. Roque Saenz Pena 736, Micro-Centro (Downtown)
Description: Cosentino is Buenos Aires’s friendly and large camera-shop that is perfect for the professionals looking for both Camera equipment and accessories. From reflectors to tripods, and full camera bodies and lenses, Cosentino has the city’s largest variety of all things camera. Be warned however, they don’t do rentals or repairs.
Website: http://www.cosentinostore.com.ar

Nikon Center
Location: The Nikon Center has 2 locations: Viamonte 680 (Micro-Centro) and Avenida Callao 1125 (Recoleta)
Description: The Nikon store is the source for all Nikon-lovers equipment in Buenos Aires. Both locations have a limited selection of Nikon lens and camera bodies and also accessories like camera bags and tripods. The best thing about them is that their staff tends to be very knowledgable and if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, then you can be certain someone behind the desk can recommend an alternative.
Website: http://www.cosentinostore.com.ar

Printing Services

Location: Jorge Newbery 3489 ( y Cordoba), Chacarita
Description: Foto Ruta is a long time fan of Megaphoto for your printing needs. Their staff is extremely professional, they’re turn-around times are uncharacteristically fast for Argentina, and they’re dedicated to making certain you get what you want. You can do large-scale professional prints and framing or print off a handful of your favorite 10-15cm photos from your travels. Megaphoto also offers a selection of off-the-shelf frames as well as high-end custom fine art papers to suit your taste.
Website: http://www.megaphoto.com.ar/

Buenos Aires Color
Piedras 980 – San Telmo 
 If you’re staying in city-centre or San Telmo, Buenos Aires Color is a great place to get your professional printing and/or framing done. Their clients are very loyal, they have competent staff and they offer professional quality printing of all quantities and sizes. You can also consult with them in regards to photo-book printing as well.
Website: http://www.buenosairescolor.com.ar

Camera Rental Services

Filet de Merluza
Location:Avenida Directorio entre Thorne y Malvinas Argentinas, Caballito
Description: Filet de Merluza is a small office in Buenos Aires which rents prosumer and professional camera equipment and lenses to clients. Video equipment is also available. You will have to pay a large deposit for rentals but you can rent for up to 10 days and they also have a small inventory of accessories.
Website: http://www.filetdemerluza.com.ar/

Foto Ruta
Foto Ruta now offers video and camera drone rentals. We own the acclaimed Phantom 2 and GoPro Hero HD 4 combo that will give you the latest and the greatest footage that everyone is raving about. We also have a limited selection of point-and-shoot cameras available for client rental while you’re visiting the city.
Website: You’re on it! Contact us at hola@foto-ruta.com 


Non-Digital Film Resources

Centro Mayorista
Location:Libertad 434 PB, oficina 1 (Recoleta)
Description: For those of you nostalgic types who want to get into camera antiques or even get some film for an analogue camera, Centro Meyorista is your place of choice. We can’t guarentee they have exactly what you’re looking for but they do have a lot of it. This place is frequented by analogue camera-buffs who wouldn’t dare go digital and they’ll convince you to keep that old medium format and purchase all the film you need!
Website: http://www.centromayoristafoto.com.ar/


Cool Photo Studios

Studio Fotin
Location: Bolivar 890 ( corner of Avenida Defensa) San Telmo
Description: Studio Fotin is doing modern-analogue combining tin-type portraits with a cool boutique studio. Their portraits are suitable for singles or doubles and you get to take the original with you. The perfect takeaway for a couple, a solo traveler, or even a local who wants to get creative. We love their work.
Website: http://studiofotin.com/







Buenos Aires is without doubt one of the world’s top photography destinations. Argentina’s buzzing capital provides extraordinary cultural and visual contrasts; beautiful architecture, urban streetscapes, stunning parklands, open and photogenic locals, extremes of wealth as well as unavoidable signs of poverty. All of this coupled with a lack of paranoia and the restricted access that photographers face in most of today’s world cities, makes Buenos Aires a photographer’s dream.

What’s more,  Buenos Aires is still a relatively undiscovered photographer’s paradise. Considering its status as one of the great world cities, Buenos Aires is still relatively un-photographed. Making it even more perfect for budding photographers wanting to make their mark on the city.

At Foto Ruta we want to encourage more people to get out and shoot Buenos Aires, and we’re always creating content and resources to help people do just that:

Our blog

We regularly update our blog with Buenos Aires and photography related news and tips. Check out our recent blog on What makes Buenos Aires so damn good for taking pictures for more information

Photography resources in Buenos Aires

  • Camera accessories and equipment : Although you can purchase pretty much any type of equipment and camera models in Argentina, be aware that due to the government’s strict import policies, anything that falls under the category of electronics is likely to cost triple what you’d pay in North America or Europe. Our advice would be, stock up on memory cards, card-readers and camera batteries before you arrive and try not to break anything whilst you’re in the country, as it wont be quick or easy to repair.
  • Professional printing: Our most trusted supplier is Megaphoto Buenos Aires. Their service is high-quality, fast and reliable, and the prices for enlargements and reproductions are very reasonable. The print-technicians are are skilled and can be trusted to colour-calibrate your digital files
  • Camera dealers: Buenos Aires has a number of certified Canon and Nikon dealers, as well as reliable (and lots of not so reliable) repair retailers for digital and film cameras. We personally recommend Cosentino with locations in both Belgrano (get off the D line at Juramento) or in Microcentro (Get off at 9 de julio on the D or B line)

Support and advice for photographers visiting Buenos Aires

If you have any questions about Buenos Aires or need advice relating to photography please feel free to email us at hola@foto-ruta.com.