What we’re about 

Foto Ruta is about bringing the city and its streets to life though photography. We believe the greatest way to see and explore a place is with your camera in tow. And its not about snapping pictures so you can remember moments later. Actually, for us, its all about the journey, and the moment itself.

If we were Buddhists we’d call it mindfulness, but we’re photographers so we’re going to call it ‘creative seeing’, And all of our  tours, events and workshops (see products link) are designed with this mantra in mind. We use photography to explore away from the well trodden tourist routes, uncovering the genuine side of the city, and capture it on camera.

We started out of the beautiful, inspiring, edgy and downright awesome city of Buenos Aires at the end of 2011, and have since set out on a mission to conquer the world. We now run photography tours and events in a number of cities around the world, London, Barcelona, Santiago and New York and have plans to continue the world domination.

At Foto Ruta, we try to offer something for everyone, whether you’re a traveller to the city, with no interest in photography but a desire to experience something different or a seasoned pro who wants a fresh perspective on the city, we have an excursion or workshop to suit your needs.

If you’re interesting in seeing a Foto Ruta in your city you can find out more about our franchise opportunities here

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