• A kid from La Boca’s taken my camera!

    A kid from La Boca’s taken my camera!

    What happens when you’re shooting in La Boca and a kid takes your camera off you? a) Chase him….? b) call the police…. ? c) Scream ‘boludo!” as he legs it into the villa? Nah. The answer is d) Watch him take some really cool photos.

    At Foto Ruta we spend quite a bit of time shooting in La Boca, and we have our favourite little cancha where we love to just sit and watch the talented young football players doing their thing.

    One afternoon, we were doing just that, and a little pibe started checking us out. He was a great footballer…smashing the ball into the non-existent net and screaming abuse at his team mates….’The next Carlos Tevez?’ we thought.

    Then he took a bit of an interest in our camera… ‘que haces?” he took a hold of it and started shooting.

    And then we thought… nope, this is no Tevez.

    And he just carried on shooting….

    boy in buenos airesAnd anyway, here are the results…

    buenos aires kidsHis photos capture the mood of the cancha perfectly

    buenos aires self portrait

    And they made us smile! <a href=”http://www.blackabsolute.com/”

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