• 5 Ways to improve your iPhone Photography

    5 Ways to improve your iPhone Photography

    iPhoneography  or iPhone photography as some like to call it, is finally getting the love and respect it deserves. Needless to say Foto Ruta has been championing this unique and hugely rewarding form of photography for a while now (check out our interview with iPhoneography guru Misho Baranovic here). There are many reasons why we love iPhone photography, and as apple and its arch android rivals continue to release bigger, better and increasingly tech heavy camera phones, our love of taking photos with our iPhones and Smartphones grows ever stronger.  For those of you who’s iPhone photography is still limited to gruesome, badly lit and grainy photos of you and your friends on a drunken night out. Let us share the love and give you some tips on how to fall in love with your iPhone camera.

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    1)   Shoot using the right Apps

    Lots of people make the mistake of shooting their iPhone photos with the standard apple camera app. First rookie error. Download one of the many, fantastic iphone photography apps that help you take more control of your image taking. We recommend the following to our iPhoneography participants in Buenos Aires

    –       Camera+ – One of the more popular and longer standing iphoneography Apps on the market. Camera plus lets you control exposure and focus and offers a heap of great filters and effects. Nice and easy to use!

    –       VSCO Cam – A relatively new iphone photography app on the scene, you can control your image taking and add dreamy filters and a lovely minimalist interface. We love.

    Camera app vsco

    2)   Take control of your image taking

    Its time to throw away your point and shoot. You’ll likely have better iphone or smartphone camera control and better results with your iPhone or Smartphone . Shoot using the iphone apps recommended above and you’ll be able to control the exposure and focus of your images using touch screen functions.

    Touch the screen whilst in image taking mode and you’ll see a square/  and or circle. You can move this around the screen to select which part of the image you want to expose for (this will adjust how light / detailed the image is) and where you want your point of focus to be.

    iphone photography shooting

    3)   Don’t force it

    Of all the reasons why we love mobile photography, the most important is that unlike other cameras, your iPhone or Smartphone travels everywhere with you. Don’t rush it. Don’t panic. If the photos aren’t flowing, then there’s always tomorrow. If there’s nothing inspiring you, or the light’s not right, focus on the small stuff; the details and go abstract.

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     4)   Get Close

    At our Foto Ruta events, we’re always banging out the well worn photography phrase ‘if its not good enough, you’re not close enough’ and never was it more relevant than with your iPhone. Using the zoom can result in a loss of image quality, so in order to get detail and capture a moment close up, you need to get close. The great thing about the iPhone is it’s discreet, so you won’t upset anyone with a big camera lens.

    Taking photo on iphone

     5)   Play!

    Throw out the rule book. iPhoneography is fun. It’s photography at its most lighthearted (that’s not to say it can’t take some seriously good photos). Use angles, light, movement  and quirky subject matter to take great photos. Make the most of the fabulous filters and effects you have at your fingertips. They add a whole new dimension to the image taking process.

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