• 5 Ways to Get Retro Nostalgic in Buenos Aires

    5 Ways to Get Retro Nostalgic in Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is a city characterized by its immigrant past, and as such, the longing for what once was is palpable in every city corner. Its remnant cobblestone streets, its varied European style buildings, as well as the sixties cars that still circulate, its classic almacenes and verdulerias, and of course, the tango influence, give BA its characteristic retro feel that makes it so appealing. Below, our top 5 ways to get retro nostalgic in Buenos Aires, and make the most of black and white pictures, analog photography and vintage style filters.


    café tortoniJorge Sousa Pinto

    Buenos Aires is chock full of traditional cafes known as Cafe Notables that are of the most charming nature and include properly combed spic and span waiters clad in white. Café Tortoni, Petit Colón and Bar El Federal are amongst the best known, but don’t stop there, please yourself with any of these other suggested spots here.



    Dating back to the 19th century, the local railways were key in the historic development of the country. A lot of the old trains have now been replaced by newer ones, but if you go to Retiro Station you can still get the feel of the old glorious days. Another option is to go the nearby Regazzoni restaurant right by the railroad tracks where you can also get a taste of artist Carlos Regazzoni’s work. If you’re feeling adventurous, hop on to the Ferrocarril Belgrano Norte which has not been replaced with new trains, get off at Aristóbulo del Valle, and explore the Florida neighborhood in the Vicente Lopez district which is on the border of Capital and Provincia. Also in Provincia is the Tren de la Costa which borders the river and has a few stops with antique markets.

    Fairs and Markets

    sifónilirjan rrumbullaku

    Whether it’s the San Telmo antique fair, or the Dorrego market in Colegiales, you’re bound to find some lovely retro souvenirs to take back home. Other options include the Tren de la Costa Olivos antiques station, the Tren de la Costa Barrancas station, or any of the artisan fairs that take place in Recoleta and Belgrano on weekends.


    cats and booksDaniel Iván

    It wouldn’t be Buenos Aires without books, and consequently without its beautiful retro bookstores. Walk down Avenida Corrientes and explore at your hearts content there, or head to the Ateneo Grand Splendid, one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, or get a cheap used copy in the Plaza Italia book fair, or at Parque Rivadavia. More alternatives are available here.

    Vintage Shopping

    vintageChris Phutully

    Buenos Aires is also well known for its vintage clothes scene. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take back home a beautiful sixties tailor made coat or a colorful retro dress. Find a guide to vintage shopping in Buenos Aires here.


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