• 5 Top Tips To Have Fun And Be Safe In Buenos Aires

    5 Top Tips To Have Fun And Be Safe In Buenos Aires

    As you might have already guessed, we really love this city and when visiting we want you to enjoy it as much as we do.  Like other cities around the world you are going to be open to the elements, but don’t let that stop from you having the time of your life… We certainly haven’t! Here are our 5 top tips to have fun and be safe in Buenos Aires:

    1. Travel wisely

    Take a registered Radio Taxi (the yellow roofed cabs) where possible. If you are making a longer journey (e.g. from the airport) then a ‘Remis’ is a cheaper and more reliable option.  The following companies come recommended: Tienda Leon or Logos Traslados.

    If taking public transport (subte or ‘collectivo’), then plan out your journey so you’re not stressing out later. A great link we can share for planning your travel can be found here. Like any global city, be wise about traveling alone on public transport –  where possible try to stay in a group, especially if traveling late at night.

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    2. Soak it up

    Spanish, or to be more specific ‘Castellano’, is the main language spoken in Buenos Aires so try to learn a few key phrases before you arrive so you can try to blend in and soak up the culture.

    You may have already heard the word ‘Porteño’ used to describe people living in Buenos Aires, but if not, you soon will upon visiting. Do not be mistaken, this is not just a name, but very much a way of living. The Porteño lifestyle is infectious and worth experiencing whilst in Buenos Aires – be it feasting on medialunas and dulce de leche for breakfast, getting sucked into a succulent ‘lomo’ steak with a glass of malbec and/or socialising into the very early hours of the morning.

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    3. Take care of your valuables

    It may seem like common sense but we can’t emphasise enough how important it is to take care of any valuables you have with you on your travels to avoid the stress of losing them.  Leave expensive jewellery or large amounts of money in a safe place at your accommodation (or even better – do without them).  When it comes to phones and cameras be careful not to flash these items too much in public as, like anywhere, opportunists will be on the look out.

     In terms of carrying around your items during the day – ditch the backpack and go for a smaller bag with a strong strap and zipper. At night try to bring out only necessary items.

    4. Money Sense

    Photo courtesy of Alex Proimos

    Changing money can be a necessity  for many visitors coming to Buenos Aires. If you are needing to do so then ensure you change money with a reliable money exchange operator.

    Don’t carry large amounts of money with you if you can help it. If you have no choice then separate your money into different compartments on your person or in your bag.  A money belt is always a good option too.

    5. Take a load off

    And finally… Relax. Buenos Aires may be known for its lively nightlife, but can also be a great place to just sit back, grab a drink and watch the world go by.  Make sure you fit that once or twice (at least) amongst all the necessary sightseeing.

    Photo courtesy of Celeste RC


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