• 5 tips on shooting MACRO (that means close-up)

    5 tips on shooting MACRO (that means close-up)

    Anyone who’s been on one of our Foto Ruta adventures will have heard our mantra…‘if you’re photo’s not good enough YOU’RE NOT CLOSE ENOUGH!!’ Well now we want to get you shooting really, really close. Macro close. Macro photography can be incredibly impactful if done correctly. 

    Here are our top tips for getting the best out of your macro shots.

    1.Choose one and only one part of the subject to focus on.

    Be decisive, when you’re doing macro photography, its all about deciding on what is most important about the object or person you’re photographing. Take a moment to decide what that is.

    dead moss

    1. Consider your viewpoint.
      Most macro photography is taken from a strong viewpoint, whether that be from above looking down, from a strong side angle, or down looking up. Look through the lens and make an appropriate alignment before you press the button. Macro photography is about exaggeration.

    1. Use a tripod or set your camera on a stable surface.
      Macro photography is tricky in that it is often difficult to avoid camera shake or blur even in optimal light situations. Be sure that your camera is secured to a steady surface or mounted on a tripod if possible before you begin shooting.

    1. Go for texture.
      Due to the detail you can capture in macro photography, recognizing texture is an asset to the content of your images. Smooth surfaces might not look that intriguing in a macro image but texture will. The patterns on a leaf for example can be seen in a totally different way in a macro photograph.

        5.Don’t be afraid to be abstract.
    Macro photography enhances details and objects in a way the naked human eye doesn’t ordinarily see them. Use this to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to photograph something close up in a way that it is completely or partially unrecognizable. Your depth of field can be an advantage in making a subject look more obscure in a macro image.

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