• 5 Things you can do with a Two Peso Bill

    5 Things you can do with a Two Peso Bill

    What costs two pesos nowadays? Not even a pack of gum. But we’re optimistic and can think of a few things you can do to make the Two peso bill worthy. Read ahead for some capital ideas:

    • Origami

    Origami money(Photo by  Celia Alba)

    Origami is the art of paper folding, and traces back to Japanese culture, in which origami figures were traditionally included with gifts and used as decorations in weddings. If you get good enough, you can probably sell the 2 peso origami’s for a whole lot more than two pesos at any of the local fairs, or just save on flowers and chocolates and give your love interest an origami cupid instead!

    Check out this origami how to page and follow @friedmanorigami on Instagram for ideas.

    • Glass coasters

    Another round(Photo by Nick Kenrick)

    Argentineans have a pretty cool tradition which is to put some folded money under a plate of gnocchi on the 29th of every month as it is supposed to attract money to the household. Just think of the potential of using two peso bills as coasters… it’s like giving yourself a tip, or asking for another round.

    • Jewellery

    currency origami ring      (Photo by Glenn Sapaden)

    Apparently sailors, when bored at sea, made rings from coins by banging the center away with the heel of a spoon (here is a how to article). Combine this idea with origami and make some currency jewellery that you can resell on ETSY!

    • Currency art


    Get your colour pens and give Bartolomé Mitre a face lift. Or make a caricature, or make a collage. Check out @jdotcolombo on Instagram for ideas and then upload your creation to Los Billetes Andan Diciendo Facebook group.

    • Poetry/Secret Messages

    two peso poem

    Another option is to get literary with the two peso bill. Make rhymes with the words on the piece of currency, or just resignify and play with the languages. Then leave your poem somewhere unexpected for someone in the city to find,a dialogue might insue.


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