• 5 Things to do in Buenos Aires (that involve food and eating)

    5 Things to do in Buenos Aires (that involve food and eating)

    Apart from taking photographs, eating and cooking is one of the things that Foto Ruta likes doing best in Buenos Aires, so it makes sense that our first in a series of ‘Things to do in Buenos Aires’ posts is ‘Things to do in Buenos Aires, that involve food and eating’

    1. Go to a closed door restaurant

    The closed door and pop-up restaurant trend has been blossoming ever since the financial crisis in 2001. If you pick the right one, its a guaranteed good night out and unique experience. New closed door restaurants are popping up all the time (We’d recommend Hidden Kitchen) and a host of long standing options (You really cant go wrong with La Cocina Discreta)

    2. Have an Argentine brunch

    Our favourite meal of the week, brunch is one of the few american exports that have been fully embraced by the city. It even has its own verb…(Brunchea or to brunch). Be aware though, brunch is done a little bit differently in Buenos Aires. It starts later (brunch at 11am. Ni en pedo. I only went to bed at 6am!). Check out some of our  Buenos Aires brunch recommendations here

    3. Read Pick up the Fork

    Everything you’ll ever want to know about food and eating out in Buenos Aires can be found right here. Pick up the fork is feisty food blog written by an in the know, food worshipping and straight talking expat in the city.

    4. Experience an Asado

    Asados put the A in Argentina. Asados are what make the country tick. Without asado many a friendship would not have been formed, business agreements signed and babies born. What might be just a barbecue to others, is a way of life for Argentines. Huge quantities of meat, wine and bread, coupled with a modest side portion of salad (always prepared by the women) are the ingredients of a good asado. If you’re lacking in the Argentine friend department and cant get an invite. Try going on an estancia day. Asados often get thrown in a part of the deal.

     5. Have a pizza and empanada filled previa

    Very argentine affairs, previas are social gatherings that precede a night out. A chance to catch up with friends and enjoy a few fernet and cokes, before hitting the town. No previa is complete without a few boxes of delivered empanadas and pizzas. Try BA delivery to help point you in the direction of your local delivery outlet and help you avoid having to order in Spanish

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