• 5 Must-Have Lightroom Presets

    5 Must-Have Lightroom Presets

    Have you photos from a holiday or special time that that are eagerly awaiting some edits but just haven’t found the time or right program to get the job done? Introducing Lightroom presets…

    Photoshop has been a forerunner for photo editing and post production for many years, however increasingly found on photographer’s desktops around the world is Adobe Lightroom. You could almost think of it as a hefty instagram, allowing users to save hundreds of filters to help transform photographs in an instant.

    The added value of Lightroom is the ability to achieve cohesion among your shots, giving the series a consistent look and feel, which is not always easy to accomplish.  For example, once you’ve chosen a preset, you can apply the same one to your whole set of photos, which obviously also saves a huge amount of time and energy.  What’s more, you can even adapt a preset to your own individual preferences, enabling you to give your photos a unique and personal touch.

    There are many presets to choose from (either for free or for a small price) and often new ones being added all the time – so you’ll certainly not be short of choices. To help you get going, here are five of our must-have presets that are available (all downloaded from for free via Cole’s Classroom):

    Soft Parchment

    The soft parchment can produce lovely vintage colours and tones. Perhaps there is sometimes is a little too much vignette for some photos but this can be dialled down on the settings bar on Lightroom (on the right-hand side). Works particularly well for weddings and portraits.

    Woodsy Preset

    The blue tones and slight vignette can make this an interesting preset to try on your photographs.


    There are thousands of options for black and white filters and we know it is a very personal choice, however we do love this super contrasting punchy BW preset.

    Walden Pond

    Give your photographs a super cool vintage feel and add a little more vignette desired.

    Big Bold Color

    Make your colours pop with this highly saturated preset, admittedly it doesn’t enhance every photograph, but it can look fantastic!


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