• 3 Important reasons you should never leave home without your camera

    3 Important reasons you should never leave home without your camera

    1. The best moments captured on camera are the spontaneous ones. ( that means you can’t plan everything for those of you anal photographers who want your entire day sorted before leaving your house in the morning )

    If you’ve ever turned a street corner in the morning light, come across brazilian dancers on the beach, or spotted an elederly couple hand-in-hand in a cafe, you’re going to wish you had your camera on you.

    So get in the habit of bringing it with you wherever you go and you won’t miss out on the best moments. Personally, I carry a small point-and-shoot with me everyday rather than packing my professional camera, that way its inconspicuous but still accessible and I always have the ability to take a photograph if I need to. Think about carrying an extra battery as well, it can save you when you forget about charging the one in your camera.


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    2. The friend, lover, or family member who suddenly realizes they need a set of portraits for said blog, website, authored book, or facebook profile will inevitably realize this during a social outing ( usually late at night ) and ask you to do shoot them..NOW.

    There is no time like the present as they say and having a camera on you for quick photo requests or even just to capture friends you haven’t seen in a while who happen to show up at the dinner party is a good enough reason to have a camera with you. Smartphones largely solve this problem but low-light can be a challenge for many phone cameras so better to have a proper one with you.

    3. Practice Practice Practice…you’re first 10,000 photographs are your worst.The only way you truly improve your photography is to take pictures ALL the time says French legend Henri-Cartier Bresson. Photography really is an art you have to work at everyday to get better at it. Much like a sport, you can have some natural talent or a good eye, but unless you put this into practice…and I mean a LOT of practice, you won’t get any better. Hint: find something you’re passionate about to photograph and carrying your camera won’t feel like such a chore.


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