• Foto Ruta Recommends: 3 Hot & FREE Camera Apps

    Foto Ruta Recommends: 3 Hot & FREE Camera Apps

    Does anyone else have an excess of camera apps on their phones? It’s not just us then. Here at Foto Ruta, we decided to have a spring clean and get rid of the ad-filled camera apps on our smartphones, re-find forgotten gems, and then download a couple of new ones!

    Of course we still have our old faves, Camera+ and Snapseed, which we use during our Foto Ruta iPhoneography tours, but there’s nothing wrong with some variety, especially when said variety is available for free! You read right, here are our favourite 3 free camera apps at the moment. Some require a dollar or two if you want to remove pop ups or unlock more features, but have a read and see what you think!

    1. Shake

    Snap away at the time or choose from your photo library, and literally, well, shake! The app randomly  chooses different collage layouts for the photos and when you are happy with the result, just press save. You also have different borders to choose from, editing features and filters.

    Use up to 4 photos for free or 8 if you upgrade.

    See what different results you can get from the same photos!

    Photo courtesy of EyeSpyCat

    Photo courtesy of EyeSpyCat

    2. InstaWeather

    We love this app for something a little different. Take a photo within the app and it puts on a cute time, place and weather stamp (we like “hip” and “live” best… slide across for more options). You have creative control over the infographic design and you can even edit the photo itself with the usual filters and tilt shift goodies. Once you figure your way around this app, your friends and family can expect constant (cool) weather updates!

    Photo courtesy of EyeSpyCat

    Photo courtesy of EyeSpyCat

    3. Camera <>

    There are a million and one slow shutter apps available at the moment, but this one caught our eye for the added features of shutter speed and ISO control, and its easy to use functions, basically hit the shutter button to start, and press again when you want to stop. Fun for using with artificial lights, traffic, or even just to capture something a little different.

    Photo courtesy of EyeSpyCat


    Photo courtesy of EyeSpyCat

    For more of our favorite iPhone camera apps, check out our previous posts on hot camera apps and creative editing apps.


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