• 2015 BAFICI Picks for Photography Enthusiasts

    2015 BAFICI Picks for Photography Enthusiasts

    The Buenos Aires independent film festival (BAFICI) kicked off its 17th edition with an extensive program, which as always is difficult to pick from. We’ve narrowed it down to a couple of favorites for those interested in photography, although they barely do the ample festival selection justice.

    Argentine Picks

    El Cielo del Centauro– Hugo Santiago/ La Calle de los Pianistas– Mariano Nante

    (Photo by Roger Schultz)

    The festival kicks off with director Hugo Santiago who returns to the local film scene after 44 years to shoot a screenplay written by one Argentina’s best screenplay writers, Mariano LLinas. The photography, in charge of DP Gustavo Biazzi, is digital and inspired in Argentine painter Cándido Lopez’s panoramic paintings.

    Closing the festival is a special projection of La Calle de los Pianistas, by Mariano Nante, at the stunning Colón Theatre. It is about the Tiempo family, and its women, who became accomplished pianists.

    Also check out Ragazzi by Raul Perrone (one of the new star directors in the local independent scene), loosely based on Pasolini’s death; Dog Lady, a colaboration between Laura Citarella and Verónica LLinas that features many images of a woman with her canines, and The Girl in Yellow Heels, the first film of director Lujan Loioco, about the transformation of a small community in Salta.


    José Val Del Omar 

    (Fuego en Castilla- José Val del Omar)

    José Val Del Omar was a Spanish cinematographer/poet/inventor from Granada who participated in the Spanish Pedagogical Missions, which was a cultural democratization project that took place in the 1930’s. Not only are his images, which combine mechanics and mysticism stunning, but he is also well known for his exploration of sound in cinema. Get a glimpse of his work here.

    A Classic

    Blue Velvet- David Lynch

    This cinematographic masterpiece is worth watching on the big screen, even if you’ve seen it before. The photography, in charge of Frederick Elmes, is full of contrast to juxtapose the two forces at play in the film’s quirky narrative. Get a sneak peak here.

    The Lady of Shanghai by Orson Welles, Toni Scott’s The Hunger, and David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers are a few other restored classics and cult films that are on the program.

    A New Take on Genre

    A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night– Ana Lily Amirpour

    It’s an Iranian vampire western; the first of its kind, which in and of itself should prove an interesting combination in terms of genre and narrative. The photography, black, white and anamorphic, is of no small matter either. Find an interview with photographer Lyle Vincent here and the trailer here.


    Above and Below- Nicolas Steiner

    Part of the international selection competing in the festival, this documentary showing the life of homeless people in the United States has a unique aesthetic with images that range from post-apocalyptic to starry, all beautifully shot by DP Marcus Nestroy. Trailer here.

    There will also be films projected at the Planetarium  (including the visually stunning Contraluz by Juan Gatti), outdoor projections at Parque Centenario, and a visit from French star Isabelle Huppert.

    Find the full 2015 BAFICI program here.

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