• 10 Fashion do’s and dont’s for Summer 2012

    10 Fashion do’s and dont’s for Summer 2012

    As Buenos Aires and its inhabitants say a less than fond farewell to the miserable, wet and windy winter, so too do they say goodbye to our drab and dreary winter wardrobes, and a bright and cheery ‘Hola!’ to what is going to be a great season of summer fashion in Argentina’s sunny capital city.

    Despite wishing we could call ourselves Foto Ruta Fashionistas (because it has an awfully nice ring to it), unfortunately fashion for us is more about choosing the right pair of flats for our hike down the Costanera Sur, or managing to wear the right number of layers to help us cope with the ridiculous weather fluctuations that spring brings.

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    So, we enlisted the help of Sophie Lloyd, Foto Ruta friend, fashionista and owner of Shop Hop, Buenos Aires (the finest shopping tour and personal shopper service in the city), to give us her do’s and dont’s for dressing well in Buenos Aires this Summer.

    Fashion Dos

    1. Fluorescent

    Everywhere you look this season, there’s fluorescent fashion in a rainbow of fruity colours. Invest in a few different coloured pieces but just don’t overload and wear them all at once. Stick to one fluorescent item per outfit be it a pair of fluorescent lemon heels or a neon coral t-shirt.

    buenos aires fashion 2012

    2. Florals

    Florals never seem to go out of fashion. It’s a timeless, failsafe summer print that injects a boho spirit into your look. Invest in a floaty floral printed dress or a cute flowery blouse.

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    3. Pleats

    Pleats are one of the hottest details for spring/summer, in particular, the plisse pleated skirt. They’re floaty and feminine and a good way to cover up your thighs and accentuate your waist (when worn with a belt).

    buenos aires fashion

     4. Black and white

    If you’re not brave enough to embrace the neon trend then stick to a black and white colour scheme, from head to toe. It’s classic, elegant and sophisticated.

    buenos aires fashion 2012

    5. Crop tops

    This isn’t a trend for everyone. Let’s be honest, you’ve got to have a nice looking midriff to carry it off. But if you have got it, you may as well flaunt it. Crop tops are particularly particularly flattering with a tan. Grab a pair of scissors and get to work on your old t-shirts or check out the choice of bralettes in the shops. The key to carrying it off tastefully is to bare just a small band of skin so try it with a pair of high waisted trousers or skirt.

    Fashion Don’ts

    1. Mixing prints

    This may look cool on the catwalk but it’s one of those trends that doesn’t translate well on the streets. One printed item per look is quite enough. Wearing a mismatch of prints is just an eyesore.

    fashion buenos aires

    2. Crocs

    There’s never an occasion to wear Crocs. They never have and never will look cool. Ever. They’re possibly the ugliest shoe ever invented.

    crocs buenos aires


    3. Teeny weeny skirts and shorts

    It’s nice to bare some flesh when the sun shines but watch the length of your skirt, shorts or dress. Always consider the bending over factor. Not everyone wants to see your bum on show.

    4. Socks and sandals

    Enough said.

    5. Exposed bra straps

    You can’t really avoid your bra straps showing from time to time but exposing too much bra is just plain tacky. There’s a reason why the strapless bra was invented. If your bra has to be on show, just make sure it’s not your old beige coloured grandma bra.

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